“A passport is a mere travel document”, a ‘blue-eyed’ sycophant of the current regime is quoted as having said. And a whole Minister in the current Administration of the Government of the Republic of Uganda is quoted has having said in warped logic that those Ugandan active citizens, such as I, who are insisting on […]

Nearly one year ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin titled: “Uganda is Notorious Once More”, in which I shared my discomfort as follows: What with DR STELLA NYANZI catapulting Uganda back to our status of that notorious country. Good God! I dread the next time I participate in international fora, and it is going […]

“I commit to accelerate efforts to #EndTB”, Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is quoted as having said. CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) salutes Dr. Aceng and reassures her that she is not alone in pursuing this noble cause. CPAR is privileged to be among a consortium of scientists who are currently engaged in a study that […]

The army in Uganda has come a long way. During the colonial period, of course, the army served colonial masters – those in the army were the enforcers of inhumane policies against their own people – men in uniform were to be feared. Then during the first regime of President Milton Obote (Obote I) it […]

“1 MILLION YOUTH PROJECT TO BUILD THE TESO KINGDOM PALACE BEGINS IN SOROTI 2017. The Prime Minister of Iteso Cultural Union Paul Sande Emolot has given ago ahead to the youth leaders of Teso to mobilise 1 billion shillings to construct the palace for the Teso Kingdom. This project which has dragged feet for the […]

Dr. Stella Nyanzi wrote on her Face Book wall: “Considering that the police officers will interrogate me about my social media posts critiquing Janet Kataaha Museveni for shamelessly declaring in parliament that there is no money to buy sanitary pads for Uganda’s poor daughters who stay out of school during their menstruation, I have decided […]

If the president comes to visit here (a village in Serere District in Teso) even today, you will see how someone will lift up a child and say this is Museveni, instead of naming the child the father’s name. Ebe Museveni. Museveni is just a visitor who has come to visit you and then you […]