“The copy-paste culture needs to be eradicated, and academia needs to be proactive and relentless. Change starts from these “ivory towers” of knowledge,” writes Timothy Laku.


When we explained to them that those very cards that they use for making ATM withdrawals, they could use to do an online transaction, they simply did not want to do so for various reasons.

“Wake up Jeremy, wake up. Wake up Jerry and take your breast milk. Wake up Jeremy, wake up”, called out his mother, Rita, on Tuesday, 20th November 2018, Universal Children’s Day 2018, as Jeremy lay peaceful, quiet and unresponsive in his tinny little coffin, hours before his remains were lowered down his final resting place […]

“There is this new thing in Africa that I don’t understand. It’s called Agent Banking. A store/shop acts as an agent to a bank, or several banks. The same store is also an agent to a telco’s mobile money business. The agents are in remote places where banks don’t want/can’t afford to set up branches. […]

Castigating President Museveni for his comments diverts attention from the fact, for example, that many married professional carrier women and politicians, such as Hon. Janet Museveni, who is currently not only the First Lady, but is also the Minister of Education, likely hardly do the cooking in their homes, if at all.

‘Facipulate’, as it was explained to me, was formed by combining two words: “facilitate” and “manipulate”; meaning that ‘facipulation’ is when a facilitator manipulates discussions to achieve a predetermined conclusion.

“We must always advise our people to go for TB testing the way we talk about HIV,” recommended a Greater Northern Uganda respondent of CPAR Uganda Ltd’s qualitative investigation into tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda. Click here  to download and read the 5-page PDF of CPAR Uganda’s fifth TB research findings briefing which covers: The need […]