While 71 percent of the nation’s budget for fighting the tuberculosis epidemic in the country, albeit it being silent one, the time and resources that Uganda is investing in parliamentary campaigns and in elections is huge. How does this make sense?


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Sylvia Rwabwogo A few weeks ago a certain ‘young man’ named Brian Isiko was in the news for all the wrong reasons, but strangely some folks did accept the ‘wrongness’ of what he did. Tabloid sites were all over themselves proclaiming how Isiko had been jailed for love. It probably sounded…

‘Rolex’ cooks, within the central logic of the culture-normal criteria of ‘African-Ugandan’ cultures, are those men who are either culturally dislocated, they are confused or without pride, going onto the streets to cook

When women persist in participating in politics, they are asked – “what kind of a woman are you? You are big-headed”.

If ‘corporate tax collectors’ were submitting our taxes to URA it is possible that we would not need these other funny, funny taxes.

“For me I had tuberculosis (TB) and I was not even suspecting it. You know in this lifestyle of ours and also smoking. I would think that may be this cough is coming on and off. Sometimes there would be general body weakness, you are down, and you are coughing. Until I went for that […]

“Economic deception” has become routine and has been institutionalised in Uganda; and how such institutionalisation of “economic deception” has normalised and intensified fraud, economic crime and trickery in doing business.” My thoughts as I read through the State of The Nation address and the National Budget Speech for the financial year 2018/2019. Read more on the concept of […]