“We must always advise our people to go for TB testing the way we talk about HIV,” recommended a Greater Northern Uganda respondent of CPAR Uganda Ltd’s qualitative investigation into tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda. Click here  to download and read the 5-page PDF of CPAR Uganda’s fifth TB research findings briefing which covers: The need […]

The job of ED of KCAA requires one with skills and expertise to work with both the technical teams and the politicians in order to deliver results for the greater good and benefit of the electorate. The person holding the position of ED of KCAA must be one with impeccable character and that is comfortable in her competence not to engage in finger point and maligning of others for her failure to do her job.

Uganda’s ‘modernisation-of-agriculture-logic of pushing people off their land; forcing them into urban centres; and making their livelihoods dependent on the products of those who pushed them off their land in the first place is irrational. 

You are the economist, Mr. President, and from where I sit your leadership, over 30 years of it, seems now experiencing diminishing returns. It is time to retire.

The messiah-has-come rhetoric on governance and leadership remains sexy even though there are many examples of African messiah’s that have turned into the opposite kind of leader. Why so?

I am among those Ugandans who are honoured to be actively contributing to the fight against TB in Uganda and I would like to bring to your attention the work of our organisation, CPAR Uganda Ltd, and in particular our research findings on TB in Uganda.

This year, 2018, marked the 50th Anniversary of my birth. Last month, August, on the day of the anniversary of my birth, I contemplated my legacy. Will I make the cut of those who have lived an Aristotelian good life? Aristotle states that the good life consists in the possession, over the course of a lifetime, […]