By the way, what happened to that story which the BBC and NTV were investigating about the theft and sale of government drugs? Is the case of the arrest of the journalists who were investigating the story going forward or did it just disappear? And did either BBC or NTV ever air the story?


The argument of equality implies that I should pay the same price 1 kg of beans as I do for I kg of peas and we know that this is not realistic. Even from a perspective of intrinsic value the two commodities are inherently different.

Help CPAR Uganda in its quest to cultivate pro-poor leaders who will advocate for pro-poor policies and service delivery.

Allegedly, Google is reinforcing this negative trend, as is argued by Eli Praiser in his article published in the Guardian Weekly (24/06/11) entitled: ‘In our own little internet bubbles: The personalisation of search engines traps us in a self-reinforcing world-view’.

Food insecurity should not be the reason for releasing MDR-TB patients from hospital. And it is not enough to provide food rations to TB patients, because it is not sustainable. TB takes a long time to treat and cure.

A fully installed GeneXpert machine costs 70 million shillings. The car allowance for MPs is 150 million shillings. If we can afford to spend 63.9 billion shillings on cars for MPs, they we can afford to buy sufficient TB diagnostic equipment.

Anne Kasiime’s Mrs. Karemera is an “advocator of conspiracy, an advanced aspect of constitutional concepts of indigenous aspects.”