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The ghost of Malthus haunts policy makers, the reason for continued food insecurity

“When a country is full of food and exporting it, there can be no famine. Me father was starved dead.” Irish American Marlone in Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman


Why Uganda should promote organic agriculture over ‘modern’ agriculture

Uganda has the potential to feed its entire population through the practice of organic agriculture. Comparative to ‘modern’ agriculture, organic agriculture requires more labour – and Uganda has got over 30 million people. ‘Modern’ agriculture has a lot of hidden costs – the effects of extensive use of artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides – which […]

Land Grabbing in Uganda is Sanctioned by State Law

The transformation of Uganda’s land tenure from communal systems to individual ownership systems, is one of the major ways in which Ugandans have been disempowered by ‘modern governance’.

Detroit immigrant fights to be classified as black

And yet many in black Africa are spending millions to bleach their skins so they can look as white as white. The producers of bleaching creams are making a killing!

Know thy banker!

Clearly members of parliament without money sense and who are stealing from government coffers in broad day light to leverage a lifestyle beyond their means shouldn’t be in the position accorded the prefix ‘honourable’.

A good use for Article 110 (1): calling for a state of emergency in Uganda – crisis of no public toilets

While Uganda has a shortage of public health facilities our members of parliament partake of looting of our staff coffers.

Searching for logic in Uganda’s domestic trade policy

Uganda’s domestic trade policies seem to favour non-Ugandan’s. This is illogical.