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Why Uganda Should Subsidise Agriculture for Food

Who is getting taxed? How much are they getting taxed? Is the tax fair? Who should be taxed who isn’t being taxed at the moment? How are the resources of our taxes being utilised?


When Wisdom Eludes a Nation

Isn’t it about time that we come up with a system to vet our leaders on the basis of their practice, what they have done for our Country and their experiential knowledge other than that which is signified by papers?

keep calm: it is actually YOU who is racist

Originally posted on scare-a-hero:
This article should be read by only locals, especially blacks of Ugandan origin. <—See how that feels if you are NOT a local or a black of Ugandan origin? I have failed to get angry at the Shell and Bolton International advert; mostly because The New Vision ‘Class’ article drained a lot…

Getting culture wrong is why development programmes fail

There is wealth in those things that money cannot buy.

The Uganda Food and Nutrition Policy and Culture

A person may be food insecure while surrounded by plenty of food, if the available food is not culturally acceptable to that person. Culture is a possible reason as to why Ugandans widely consume foods, such as cassava, that tilt food intake radically toward protein-poor, vitamin-deficient starches and fibre. For many Iteso, for example, food […]

The hidden hunger

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Farmers preparing yellow maize for a meal gathering in Zambia. Food security involves more than just quantity — it also requires nutritional balance. When we talk of food security, we’re not just talking about filling your stomach. Nutritional security is also embedded within the concept. Nutritional balance…

MLK’s Nobel Peace Prize speech 50 years later: Is it still relevant?

Unfortunately, anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic tendencies are gaining support among conservative sections the world over. How sad that our current world order and socialisation processes are nurturing and producing this kind of evil. Whether it is a white supremacist, a fundamentalist nationalist, a fundamentalist Christian, a fundamentalist Jew, a fundamentalist Muslim, racists and xenophobia of […]