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Why are we quiet about local council elections?

Logic follows that longevity in the office of the President makes the long ‘serving’ occupier of that office a ‘known entity’. President Museveni has occupied the Presidency of the Republic of Uganda for 28 years. For that reason he has shared his views on the record. He is a ‘known entity’- has written down his […]

Why I won’t try to go to the UK, unless it’s absolutely necessary

This is a must read for all who engage in discussions which utilise binary categories such as ‘developed countries’ versus ‘underdeveloped countries’ and which often insinuate that what happened to Joshua can only happen in an ‘underdeveloped third world country’, usually in sub-Saharan Africa and meted out ‘non-first-world’ citizens. How so vacant the binaries seem […]

KU Journalism Major Shreds “Case” Against Mike Brown

Something for journalists in Uganda to learn – Investigative Journalism at its best.