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There are over 11 thousand Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Uganda (Mwesigwa 2015) and those NGOs often operate within a binary paradigm in which they perceive themselves as the voice of Uganda’s civil societies, particularly of those sections of the population that they categorise as marginalised and/or oppressed. Thus, NGO descriptions of those for whom they […]

NGOs Increasingly Not Trusted by Governments

A story on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) recently caught my attention and set off my reflective mind. The story was titled: “How the NGO crackdown has spread to some democratic nations” (The Guardian Weekly 2015). The ‘democratic’ nations that were mentioned in the story were Israel, Ecuador and Hungary. According to the story, in Israel “NGOs […]

Iteso and the ‘Pull Her Down’ (PHD) Syndrome

PHD – ‘pull her down’ or ‘pull him down’ syndrome is a moral disorder which makes people see things in negative realms (Akosah-Sarpong 2004). PHD is particularly wide spread among Africans to the extent that some (Chihota 2012) consider it the most dangerous disease afflicting Africans, more lethal than HIV and AIDS. Perhaps because of […]


Uganda’s (Republic of Uganda 2015) move to pass a new law regulating the tens of thousands of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Uganda has generated very interesting and at times polarizing debate amongst NGOs (IRIN 2015). The NGOs that consider themselves advocacy organisations distinguish themselves from service providing NGOs and believe the new law targets them […]

Weakening of the Uganda shilling against the US dollar not good for Uganda’s agriculture

The weakening of the Uganda shilling against the US dollar cannot be good for Uganda’s agriculture. This is because most of the inputs that are used throughout Uganda’s agricultural value chains are imported. This means that whatever gains that farmers make in an increase in farm-gate prices are eroded when the farmers need to purchase […]