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Land as Collateral for Loans in Uganda is Tricky

Uganda’s dualist land tenure system foments land conflicts, which paralyse and negatively impact economic activity for long periods of time.


A Potent Mix of Politics and Religion

“Ocol dislikes his brother fiercely, his mother’s son’s hatred resembles boiling oil! The new parties have split the homestead.” Okot PBitek in Song of Lawino.

The Anthem..(when the Iteso..).

Originally posted on Atim's thoughts:
Part 5 on the series about the Iteso. All the information here is got from either Google or personal inquiries with people well vast with the Iteso Culture. The information here is ofcourse disputable. Feel free to make additions or subtractions after you read. Enjoy the read! Today… I…

Letter to President Museveni

Mr. President, the media has let you down. Shame them by reverting back on course and be the fundamental change that you promised.

Uganda’s Elite and Elitist Ugandans – Knowing the Difference

“Uganda’s progress should not be measured by failures in the past but by comparison to promises of the future.” Gen. Muntu