Monthly Archives: April 2016

Plagiarism = Theft = Corruption = Poor Quality of Life

Those not convinced of how bad plagiarism is – think inappropriate government policy.


Agriculture: Globalization has made youth lazy

There are fewer hand hoes in villages because ‘globalization’ has made youth lazier.

Xenophobia and Hypocrisy Dominate MISR Saga

If Mamdani was not a Ugandan of Asian ancestry, the Mamdani-Nyanzi saga would be an untold story.

Fact Check: State Discrimination against Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Are the social media commentators genuinely misinformed or have they deliberately chosen to propagate a misinformation propaganda campaign in favour of Dr. Nyanzi and against the Government of Uganda?

NRM’s Hoe Project Vs FDC’s Tractor Project

Paradoxically, when one studies agricultural policy and programmes during the 30-year reign of President Museveni, one finds that the policy and programmes are not necessarily always consistent with the kind of agriculture that the hoe project represents.

Corruption and human engineered disasters

We have manmade disasters and then we have natural disasters. There are very many manmade disasters which are systemically obviously going to happen. People like to talk about the word corruption as a vague abstract term. Corruption is not vague, corruption is not abstract. For corruption to take place there has to be the person […]

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)

UNBS by the look of things it seems like you are not offering value for money for Ugandan tax payers.