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#THV: Affirmative action 4 men needed

DISCLAIMER: This post says nothing about the value that I attach to my relationship with Silver Owaraga.


Agriculture backbone of Economy or Backwardness?

Many people live in rural areas wandering about without engaging in any gainful work. He added that developed countries such as the US and UK have very few people in agriculture and majority in the service sector. One of the characteristics of backwardness is to have more people in agriculture than in services. President Museveni […]

I am not a “native informer”

Native informers are researchers who are used to provide raw material – in form of data – to foreign academics who process it and then re-export it back to Africa.

When POMA Law is used to intimidate

#THV the Public Order Management Act is as unconstitutional as it is abused and misapplied.

Stopping the Carnage of Road Accidents

Driving permits should be first a sign of ones ability and skill to drive and not as a means of identification.

GOU to buy pornography machine at 2.6b

Yes, one is not making this up at all. It is published in the Government of Uganda (GOU) owned national daily – The New Vision. The pornography detection machine (yes, one is not making this up) priced at 2.6 billion shillings is to be imported through a South Korean Company. Apparently, the pornography detection machine […]

Is Dr. Limlim to blame for NUSAF II?

Dr. Limlim’s words still hold true. The elite have become an interesting tribe in Karamoja. Corruption is perpetuated and sustained by new graduates in Karamoja. In the last NUSAF program, Shs1.8 billion has not been accounted for. Where is the honesty of the youth? Where is the honesty of the graduates? Dr. Limlim is quoted as […]