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Study Design Questioned

GMO banana Scientific Research Study Design should be questioned This experiment at Iowa State University exclusively targets non-smoker female students of 18-40 years of age to find out the Vitami… Source: Study Design Questioned Advertisements

Decolonise Minds – Research Disputable

It never ceases to amaze me how Uganda’s education system produces Ugandans whose minds are so colonised against acknowledging and celebrating traditional knowledge systems of the peoples of the first nations of Uganda – the Iteso, the Buganda, the Banyakigezi, etc. It is mind blowing how factoids permeate presentations by Ugandans on Uganda that they […]

The big joke that is FUFA

Originally posted on kalungikabuye:
Comedy is a big thing in Uganda these days, and everyday sees a new act join the fray. The likes of Pablo Kimuli, Patrick Idringi and Anne Kansiime have become household names and have laughed all the way to the bank. But nobody has laughed to the bank more than the…

Cremate MP’s dead bodies, it is fitting

Let us as set them on fire – they seem brain dead now and will be dead then and so they will not feel a thing.

Extension Weakest Point in Agriculture

The weakest point in our chain is not necessarily at the inspector level, it is at the agricultural extension level at the district local government level. We have begun recruitment of extension services providers and are 50 percent of our target. Over this financial year we shall reach 68 percent. If at the farmer level, […]

GOU to import exotic animals for beef

We are now going to export beef. We are encouraging our farmers, our cattle keepers, to start looking at agriculture in a different way, because they are selling only when they want money for school fees, someone is sick in the home. But now we want to introduce selling for cash and making our beef […]

Hon. Bbumba says jobs in Agriculture

Commercial agriculture is done in stages. You have those who are involved in production – you have the farm workers; those involved in processing; those involved in agri-business – selling pesticides; you have the produce dealers; you have the transporters, storage; and the experts. You also have financiers and exporters. Agriculture is one sector that […]