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Enhancing National Food Security or Not

The Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit (BMAU) of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) caused a bit of a stir during the most recent Joint Agriculture Sector Annual Review (JASAR) 2016 when it reported its findings on the performance of programmes under the agriculture sector during the government’s financial year 2015/2016 – […]

49.9 bn Agricultural Credit Fund Unused

The Agricultural Credit Facility (ACF) is a Government of Uganda (GoU) programme that was established in 2009. A document that is published online by the Bank of Uganda (BoU), a brief for clients, explains the ACF and its purpose as follows: “The ACF was set up by the GoU in partnership with Commercial Banks, Uganda […]

Beauty in Uganda, what is it?

I suppose it is a tad odd to launch from a franchise that embodies exogenous global-western standards of beauty, Miss Uganda Pageant, in order to answer the question: “Beauty in Uganda, what is it?” Then again why not? Yes, on the evening of this past Saturday, 15th October 2016, through to the early hours of […]

First Lady Aisha Buhari Out of Order

The first I read of the unbecoming comments that the First Lady of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (FLOTFRON) is reported to have made of her husband in his capacity as the duly elected President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (POTFRON), my instant reaction was of surprise that she had had the ill-informed audacity […]

Review: “African Women & Feminism” edited by Oyeronke Oyewumi

Review: African Women & Feminism: Reflecting On The Politics of Sisterhood edited by Oyeronke Oyewumi (2003) This is one of the books that stretches what you thought you knew and forces you to … Source: Review: “African Women & Feminism” edited by Oyeronke Oyewumi

Agriculture policy, land tenure and food

During the course of my work I am regularly confronted with discourse that in my view I consider to be premised on falsehoods that are peddled as truths and on the basis of which policies, interventions and strategies are being made that have significant consequence on the peoples of Uganda. I feel it my duty […]

Uganda Non-State Actors on Agriculture

The following text is of a presentation that was delivered by Ms. Agnes Kirabo, Executive Director of Food Rights Alliance at the Joint Agricultural Sector Annual Review (JASAR) that was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF)  and that was held from 29th to 30th August 2016 at Speke Resort Hotel […]