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Akena died of Uganda’s sick health care

Akena died of a bullet wound and Uganda’s sick health care system Different clinics couldn’t take him as they usually have inadequate Emergency Care capacity to handle such cases or perhaps because they fear ‘dumping’ patients in their facilities- common for hit and run accident drops by Good Samaritans. Mathew then drove to Nakasero Hospital […]

MUK closed, we are not outraged enough

Makerere University Kampala (MUK) remains closed and I despair. Education is key for breaking barriers. To think the losses incurred by parents and guardians who prioritised education for their children – selling important assets – land, animals – in order to raise the significant costs for tuition fees and upkeep for their children during this […]

Youth in Agriculture Value Addition

We try as much as possible to avoid so much drugs on our birds. In the last three weeks of raring we never use any drugs. We always make sure of our bio-security – very few people as possible visit our farm – that is why we located our farm out of town. Few people on the farm reduces the risk of diseases introduction.

Loans can’t bail out our rural poor

In light of the failure of multiple ‘well meaning’ programmes of Government of Uganda and of so-called Civil Society Organisations to achieve their overstated targeted to “eradicate poverty” through the provision of loans to the poor, it is opportune to re-publish the views that I expressed in an interview that was published in The New […]

A Citizen’s Experience with Immigration

So about two months ago, a citizen, let’s call her Ajakait, went to Immigration in Kampala in order to apply for the renewal of her passport which had not only expired but was also filled up. Only one page was remaining. It had been over ten years since she had been to Immigration and this […]

#OWC and the Ad hominem Fallacy

If farmers were able to wash and eat the seeds, what kind of seeds were they?