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Drought is Good?

“Drought is good because as a Country it has woken us up,” President Museveni is reported to have said. An insightful epiphany on climate change he seems to have had. One, however, is befuddled by President Museveni’s policy direction on matters climate change. Yes, drought conditions are revealing. One of the things that drought has […]

#LiberationDay17: H.E. Museveni Outed

In 1986 when President Museveni took power, the media focused on and reported mainly on his Magufuli-like decrees. They centered on and painted a single story of him that revolved around his declaration and promise that the National Resistance Army (NRA) administration was “not a mere change of guards but a fundamental change.” In the […]

Magufuli, Kagame and #6bnhandshake

Photo: Ms. Norah Owaraga, at the time Fundraising Director of Uganda Change Agent Association (UCAA) receives a non-financial handshake from His Excellency, President Museveni, during the National Agriculture Show in Jinja.

Voting in “New’ LCs by Lining Up

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda approved that Local Council  (LC) Elections could be held, once again, by people lining up behind their respective candidate of choice. Parliament approved this in 2015 and a bout time it was. And, yes, the implementation of it is long, long overdue. Here is an extract from an […]

#6bnhandshake Mentality Countrywide

How different are the chief executive officers (CEOs) of not-for-profit charity, advocacy or development organisations (the so called civil society organisations (CSOs)) from those who partook of the 6bn handshake? On the surface, many, including those working with CSOs, will emphatically respond that there is a big difference. But a closer look by others may […]

#TheHumanistView: Happy New Year

In 2016 The Humanist View (THV) increased the number of views that it received from 16.6 thousand views that it received in 2015 to nearly 29.4 thousand views; a 43.5 percent increase. The number who visited THV increased from slightly over 9.8 thousand visitors in 2015 to nearly 17.3 thousand visitors in 2016; a 43.4 percent […]

#6bnhandshake; we are inhumane

“Back to the things that matter, in Bukedea, a basin of dried cassava right now costs a whooping Ugx. 25,000/=; cassava is now being called white gold”, writes a social media friend. “Back to the things that matter”,  one infers, means back from discussing the 6bn handshake bonuses that another, moreover, one considered a public servant, […]