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Holy & Golden Rice = #Hunger 4 #Poor

During the Radio One FM90 Talk Show, “The Friday Panel on Spectrum”, on Friday, 17th February 2017, His Worship the Lord Mayor of Uganda’s Capital City, Kampala, Hon. Erias Lukwago, aptly pointed out how discussions of Pastor Kakande’s “Holy Rice” had diverted attention from the real challenge of raging hunger and famine now prevailing in […]


2016 WAS THE HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD according to scientist as reported by The Guardian Weekly 27.01.17: Last year was the hottest on record, setting a new high for the third year in a row, with scientists firmly putting the blame on human activities that drive climate change (as in those activities which contribute to […]

Impose Church Tax on Kayanja Followers

“The Bible says ‘bring the 10% to the house of God, so there may be food,’” he said, adding that he had been able to build the magnificent Cathedral and completed many other projects through the tithe. Kayanja is quoted as having demanded a 10 percent cut from Uganda’s national budget to be allocated to […]

Structural Racism in Kampala?

One is currently reading the book: “The Black Man’s Burden – Africa and the curse of the Nation-State”, by Basil Davidson. For that reason, one finds the blog post “the racism behind Kampala”  not so profound. The blog post essentially remains confined within the narrow framework and mentality of those that Davidson categorized as the re-captives. Re-captives […]

Religion as Opium

A couple of days ago, on Thursday, 16th February 2017, it was a public holiday in Uganda in honor of the Late Archbishop Janan Luwum (St. Luwum) who is believed to have been murdered in 1977 on the orders of President Idi Amin. It is believed that St. Luwum  was murdered for his moral courage […]

#EALA #Elections #Uganda eye opener

If anything, the inter-political-party and intra-political-party tensions that are at the peak here in Uganda with regards to the elections for representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly  (EALA) should worry most of us. No doubt, our motherland, Uganda, is divided on multiple fronts. That we cannot come together to agree on who the best […]

#6bnhandshake Elitist Proceedings

The proceedings that are looking into the sharing of the 6bn presidential handshake are leaving a bitter taste in one’s mouth, particularly so the seeming definition of “extraordinary work” that has been adopted. Take for instances this extract from media reports: Mr. Angulla who at the time of the cases was serving as URA’s Clerical officer and […]