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Forestry Authority Cutting Trees?

“I planted these Mutuba trees as a fence in 1967 while my peers were dancing and enjoying life in Mbarara.”

(Note: It is assumed that the photo is not ‘photo-shopped’ and that the caption to the photo is a direct quote from His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the current long-serving President of the Republic of Uganda (1986 to date))


High Stakes in Uganda’s Land Question

Cultivation machinery is cutting through and crushing the bones of my ancestors, because “development”, in the form of sugarcane plantations, has come to their resting places. In the name of “development” it is the norm that the mortal remains of my ancestors are not accorded the dignity and the honour that they deserve.


I have no energy to engage with RUSSIA-TYPE-TRUMP-TYPE-FAKE-NEWS-VENDOR-TYPES with inferiority complexes, which mentally enslave them to think that their only affirmation comes from falsely critiquing and diminishing another – as Trump is obsessed with Obama, for example.