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Sex Offenders disguised as ‘aid workers’

There indications moreover that ‘aid money’ in Uganda is mostly controlled by men and that those men wield significant power. What are Uganda’s own standards that those who hold powerful positions in charitable agencies must have? Do we have any?


Uganda and Neo-Colonialist Capitalism

Cases such as the BIA saga re-affirm ones objection to business propositions that are couched in pity language. You know those propositions characteristically made by those afflicted by the ‘Machiavellian-saviour-complex’

Tuberculosis can become a weapon of mass destruction

“It is where she was working as a maid for Indians that is where she got the problem. When you are cooking their food you have to put a lot of chillies in it,” explained Mother of how she believes her teenage Daughter got infected with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). This was April 2017, during an […]

Cause of Death Sick Healthcare System

The question remains valid also for Akena (RIP) who was shot by Matthew Kanyamunyu; and indeed the question remains valid for many others as well.