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Leaders of #Africa Get Real!

Now as the District Commissioner was saying about “efforts aimed at curbing pregnancies among school children”, do those efforts include disabling the function of penises of the men who insert theirs into school children?


Certificates of Customary Ownership Risky Business

Deducing from Uganda’s National Development Plans, the National Resistance Movement Organisation (NRMO) Administration holds the conventional economics view that land ownership in the ‘traditional Africa sense’ is inefficient and an impediment to development. The NRMO Administration seemingly implies that the ‘traditional African sense’ of land ownership impedes its plans to transform Uganda from a ‘peasant-based […]

#TheHumanistView: Happy New Year

In 2016 The Humanist View (THV) increased the number of views that it received from 16.6 thousand views that it received in 2015 to nearly 29.4 thousand views; a 43.5 percent increase. The number who visited THV increased from slightly over 9.8 thousand visitors in 2015 to nearly 17.3 thousand visitors in 2016; a 43.4 percent […]

Enhancing National Food Security or Not

The Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit (BMAU) of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) caused a bit of a stir during the most recent Joint Agriculture Sector Annual Review (JASAR) 2016 when it reported its findings on the performance of programmes under the agriculture sector during the government’s financial year 2015/2016 – […]

First Lady Aisha Buhari Out of Order

The first I read of the unbecoming comments that the First Lady of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (FLOTFRON) is reported to have made of her husband in his capacity as the duly elected President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (POTFRON), my instant reaction was of surprise that she had had the ill-informed audacity […]

Agriculture policy, land tenure and food

During the course of my work I am regularly confronted with discourse that in my view I consider to be premised on falsehoods that are peddled as truths and on the basis of which policies, interventions and strategies are being made that have significant consequence on the peoples of Uganda. I feel it my duty […]

Ajakait’s Day in Court

“I ended up in Court the other day. For legalistic reasons it is best that am not specific”, began Ajakait. So, what were you in Court for, I asked her? She was vague about that as well, for legalistic reasons apparently. I actually think it is best that I let Ajakait’s voice tell the story […]