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Certificates of Customary Ownership Risky Business

Deducing from Uganda’s National Development Plans, the National Resistance Movement Organisation (NRMO) Administration holds the conventional economics view that land ownership in the ‘traditional Africa sense’ is inefficient and an impediment to development. The NRMO Administration seemingly implies that the ‘traditional African sense’ of land ownership impedes its plans to transform Uganda from a ‘peasant-based […]

Right Colonial Land Injustice; Reconstruct Uganda

The latest push by the Buganda Kingdom through its Buganda Land Board to give lease titles to hitherto customary land owners (bibanja holders) on Kabaka’s land that is code named “Kyapa Mungalo” (land title deed at hand) has sharpened a quagmire that is in-built within the nation-state Uganda on matters land.  For all intent and […]

Urban-slumitisation of villages, land dispossession and food insecurity in Teso

This paper I prepared as a provocation for the Kigo Thinkers ( Thinking Session that explored the question: “Can Uganda’s 2015/16 National Budget support ‘smallholder’ farmers to improve production and to stem the rapid rate of rural-urban migration?” I used a food-based analytical framework to explain political, social, and economic processes that have occurred in […]