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Uganda and Neo-Colonialist Capitalism

Cases such as the BIA saga re-affirm ones objection to business propositions that are couched in pity language. You know those propositions characteristically made by those afflicted by the ‘Machiavellian-saviour-complex’


The Myth of Trump’s Shithole Countries

We are complicit in our outrage against racist statements by ‘white supremacists’, such as Trump, if we do not insist on historicising and contextualising their non-factual racist statements in history. How is it that a ‘black/brown country’ that is owed 20 billion US dollars by a ‘white country’ is the one Trump considers a shithole?

Right Colonial Land Injustice; Reconstruct Uganda

The latest push by the Buganda Kingdom through its Buganda Land Board to give lease titles to hitherto customary land owners (bibanja holders) on Kabaka’s land that is code named “Kyapa Mungalo” (land title deed at hand) has sharpened a quagmire that is in-built within the nation-state Uganda on matters land.  For all intent and […]

Structural Racism in Kampala?

One is currently reading the book: “The Black Man’s Burden – Africa and the curse of the Nation-State”, by Basil Davidson. For that reason, one finds the blog post “the racism behind Kampala”  not so profound. The blog post essentially remains confined within the narrow framework and mentality of those that Davidson categorized as the re-captives. Re-captives […]

Kenyatta’s day in court is Africa’s day in court

The insistence of the global-west, through the International Criminal Court (ICC), to put President Kenyatta in the dock gives me indigestion. The reactionary me, would urge the President not to dignify the farce – for that is all it is, a farce. The sensible rational me fails to see the greater good that will come […]