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English A Weapon of Mass Destruction

“I am now speaking English. I refer to the British language as a captured weapon we are now employing.” His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni speaking at the function at the residence of the British High Commissioner in Kampala for the 2017 Official Birthday celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and also the 65th anniversary of her reign.

Digital Devices NOT Flesh & Blood

Achebe: “Man is a story-making animal. He rarely passes up an opportunity to accompany his works and his experiences with matching stories. The heavy task of dispossessing others calls for such a story…”


“1 MILLION YOUTH PROJECT TO BUILD THE TESO KINGDOM PALACE BEGINS IN SOROTI 2017. The Prime Minister of Iteso Cultural Union Paul Sande Emolot has given ago ahead to the youth leaders of Teso to mobilise 1 billion shillings to construct the palace for the Teso Kingdom. This project which has dragged feet for the […]

Re-Thinking Our Names

If the president comes to visit here (a village in Serere District in Teso) even today, you will see how someone will lift up a child and say this is Museveni, instead of naming the child the father’s name. Ebe Museveni. Museveni is just a visitor who has come to visit you and then you […]

Impose Church Tax on Kayanja Followers

“The Bible says ‘bring the 10% to the house of God, so there may be food,’” he said, adding that he had been able to build the magnificent Cathedral and completed many other projects through the tithe. Kayanja is quoted as having demanded a 10 percent cut from Uganda’s national budget to be allocated to […]

Urban-slumitisation of villages, land dispossession and food insecurity in Teso

This paper I prepared as a provocation for the Kigo Thinkers ( Thinking Session that explored the question: “Can Uganda’s 2015/16 National Budget support ‘smallholder’ farmers to improve production and to stem the rapid rate of rural-urban migration?” I used a food-based analytical framework to explain political, social, and economic processes that have occurred in […]