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Uganda at 56 – A Citizen’s Wishes

You are the economist, Mr. President, and from where I sit your leadership, over 30 years of it, seems now experiencing diminishing returns. It is time to retire.


People Power is within each person

The messiah-has-come rhetoric on governance and leadership remains sexy even though there are many examples of African messiah’s that have turned into the opposite kind of leader. Why so?

#Museveni’s “Sowing the Mustard Seed”

It is reported that His Excellency President Museveni has donated copies of his book: “Sowing the Mustard Seed” so that it is available at  Uganda Government aided schools for students to read and to be enlightened about Uganda’s national history so that they may become responsible citizens. Logic follows that longevity in the office of the […]

Right to Freedom and Right to Abuse

Nearly one year ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin titled: “Uganda is Notorious Once More”, in which I shared my discomfort as follows: What with DR STELLA NYANZI catapulting Uganda back to our status of that notorious country. Good God! I dread the next time I participate in international fora, and it is going […]

Candidate Kyalya exemplifies what is wrong with multiparty democracy in Uganda

“Amaadhi amasabe tigamala ndigho” A proverb of the Basoga of Uganda which translated into English reads: “When one begs for water it does not quench the thirst.” The proverb explained means that “often, something that one begs for is not exactly what one requires. It may be insufficient or not to one’s liking. This proverb […]

When there is no meat at Christmas, in Teso it is a shame!

This past Christmas a Christmas self-help savings group that two of my aunts belong failed to afford a cow. Apparently, the cows on the market were small and overpriced.

Why are we quiet about local council elections?

Logic follows that longevity in the office of the President makes the long ‘serving’ occupier of that office a ‘known entity’. President Museveni has occupied the Presidency of the Republic of Uganda for 28 years. For that reason he has shared his views on the record. He is a ‘known entity’- has written down his […]