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Myths Thrive Gender Based Violence

How we perceive gender is determined by myths – our learned traditions and beliefs. By distorting gender as though it is determined by biology as opposed to being determined by culture, the ideological justification for gender-based violence is established and is sustained. That ideological justification is patriarchy.


#RethinkingMyConvictions: Alabama?

Watching the democratic process in Alabama and by extension the USA, it shocks me to the core about its revelation of the demons that form the basis on which Christianity is founded on. I could be wrong, but how is it at all possible that people who are supporting a man that is the very example of immorality do […]

Digital Devices NOT Flesh & Blood

Achebe: “Man is a story-making animal. He rarely passes up an opportunity to accompany his works and his experiences with matching stories. The heavy task of dispossessing others calls for such a story…”

Right to Freedom and Right to Abuse

Nearly one year ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin titled: “Uganda is Notorious Once More”, in which I shared my discomfort as follows: What with DR STELLA NYANZI catapulting Uganda back to our status of that notorious country. Good God! I dread the next time I participate in international fora, and it is going […]

Cry Uganda’s Children!

I was lucky to be borne while five of my paternal grandmothers (RIP) were still alive. They told us stories of how they had a collective responsibility for raising all their children. My father was breastfed by multiple mothers, the story goes. If one of my grandmothers for some reason was not able at a […]

Bride Price: African Elites a Big Letdown

Some time back, Ugandans were jolted into our realities by the story of Alupot, the woman who was forced by her husband to breast feed dogs. This story rocked the core of humanity. Whilst many expressed their total disbelief that this could happen in Uganda, arguably, in reality, Alupot is not one of a kind […]

Culture and economics determine the food that we eat

1 kg of matooke in Canada costs CDN$10.00, the equivalent of about Ush 23,870; while it costs on average Ush 3,570, the equivalent of CDN$1.50, in Uganda.